CPS do what they can to abuse the law, I do what I must to restore the justice and equality in Singapore.

The legal system relating to child abuse cases in the Youth Courts is "designed to be abused", making it imperative to hold a protest in the public interest to restore the justice and equality in Singapore.

From a casteism perspective – all judges in Singapore's judiciary come from privileged or wealthy backgrounds, potentially leading them to impede the upward mobility of children born to low-income Singaporeans to protect their own children against future competition from low-income children. Casteism also enables "foreign settlers" to occupy the upper castes, effectively trapping indigenous people and low-income Singaporeans in a permanent underclass (occupying the lower castes permanently) through the use of court orders.

What matters most is how Singaporeans respond to the abuse of the law – whether they would take the necessary steps to restore the justice and equality in Singapore or simply suffer in silence. If the law is abused, it will be known and the Government will suffer in public perception. This is as the people are educated, and there is transparency about the use of the law. If the Government abuses its power, the people will throw the Government out. So there is a wonderful check and balance in Singapore, that is the people of Singapore.

What the public (Singaporeans) should look at in my protest is whether MSF (CPSSSAs) and the Family Justice Courts (mastermind with elements of Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in Singapore) have adhered to the legal principles of family law and the principles of the Children and Young Persons Act 1993 in the execution of their duties. The public (Singaporeans) must scrutinize their adherence in the same way jurors are expected to perform their duty in a jury trial.