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The sole purpose of this website is to inform and educate Singaporeans about the modus operandi of how MSF (CPS, SSAs) as well as the Family Justice Courts (mastermind with elements of Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in Singapore) abuse the law to impede the upward mobility of children (born to low-income Singaporeans) – see SECOND AFFIDAVIT.

It's not that MSF (CPS, SSAs) value privacy and thus didn't record the Zoom Meetings, but rather they don't want parents to have any form of evidence (e.g. not counselling the child according to the legal principles of family law and the principles of the Children and Young Persons Act 1993) against their social workers or evidence that the child expresses her wish to move in and live with me asap because there was no child abuse on my part at all in the first place.

Just look at how sly and devious MSF (CPS, SSAs) is 👇